Types of placements
Active Senior Community/Retirement Community
     These environments are designed to enable independent seniors to enjoy a lifestyle filled with recreational, educational, and social activities with their peer groups. Residents reside in independent apartments or homes. Some additional services such as meals, housekeeping and laundry are also available.
Adult Day Care
     These Community based programs are designed to address the needs of functional and/or cognitively impaired adults. Programs may include components such as nutrition, nursing, rehabilitation and social activities. Regardless of placement, any individual who needs a supervised setting for increased social contact and daily living activities can benefit from a day care environment.
Alzheimer's/Dementia Care Specialty programs:
     Although many large and small facilities provide services for residents with Alzheimef s or Dementia there are facilities that specialize in the specific impairments associated with these disorders. Facilities and are designed to reduce confusion and agitation and programs and staff help in working on reality orientation, management of agitation and behavior difficulties associated with these disorders.
Convalescent Homes/Nursing Homes:
     These are large facilities designed to provide skilled nursing services and medical care. These facilities are licensed and regulated by the by the State Department of Public Health, The services are divided into Basic Care, Skilled Care and Sub-Acute Care.
Hospice Care:
     Hospice Care is designed to provide individuals who are in the final stages of terminal illness, wrth support, pain management and compassion. The goal of hospice care is to allow residents to spend their final days in dignity and comfort. Hospice Care is offered in stand-alone facilities as well as within many assisted living environments.
Home Care and Services:
     Individuals can receive health care and personal care services within their own home through various home care agencies that provide specific services. Services are available on an hourly, daily or monthly basis and can include everything from home nursing to companionship to assistance with laundry and shopping.
Assisted Living, Residential Care Facilities, and Board and Care Facilities:
     These facilities are licensed by the California State Department of Social Services. Some are large facilities (greater than 15 beds) and some are home-like in nature and care for a small number of residents.
     Small facilities are usually located in residential areas and available in many communities. They offer personalized and individualized care in a warm home-like environment that is appropriate for many residents. The wide variety of facilities allows them to be able to care for multiple levels of care. For example, some facilities have residents who are alert and just necessitate 24-hour supervision and some are specialized to provide services for residents with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Some homes are also able to offer hospice care with a hospice waiver. The facilities provide all basic needs such as room and board, laundry, cleaning and assistance with medication, bathing and dressing. Meals are provided and customized to specialized dietary needs.

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