Hadva, we want the whole world to know that there is an angel on this earth, and it is you, Hadva Glickman, you are a life saver. When my mother passed away, my father was so depressed and my brother and I were lost, until you came into the picture. You gave us direction; you showed us facilities, and you found us a place within our budget. You are great, we need people like you. Thank-you so much, we highly recommend your service.
Arthur Goldstein Palm dessert
   Hadva ,we want to thank-you so much for giving us our life back. Before we discovered the Executive Referral and Placement Service for seniors , we were so confused as to how to handle the situation with my mother who has dementia. The whole family surrounded her and cared for her, but we really did not know how to handle her. Your advise and your guidance to a facility wore so good that my mother and the family felt that she was cared for professionally and we were again spending quality time with her. We did tell all of our friends about your Service. The Executive Referral and Placement Service for Seniors is a life saving service.
Beth Melnick Santa Monika
I want to thank The Executive Referral and Placement Service for Seniors. I was living in my apartment alone. I had my son in San-Diego and my daughter in Florida and I needed somebody to help me find a place for myself in an assisted living facility. When my friends told me about the Executive Referral and Placement Service I immediately contacted Hadva Glickman who came and met with me and found what I needed. You took me to many Assisted Living Facilities with patience and compassion until I found the best place for me. Again thank-you, thank-you. I was not a burden on my children and I love the my new home. Your service is so important to the seniors.
Lois Frankel
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